Be the owner of a
Trademark Angelic Ideograms

UNPRECEDENTED, one of a kind, opportunity to launch a licensed ‘Angel Script’ company founded on an outstanding and typical EMO product that lends itself perfectly for the most popular all the rage GOOD LUCK CHARM these days.

May we invite you to admire by this the authentic rendering of these ANGELIC IDEOGRAMS :

Admittedly, on the surface, this looks like a strange script…
However, the secret underlying these Angelic Ideograms refers to an extremely powerful degree of protection: handwritten text in ‘Angel Script’ performed by a highly Spiritually evolved being. Anyone wearing it on their person experiences an astonishing feeling of comfort together with security and is also fully protected 24/7 from the Angelic Kingdoms.


But it doesn’t stop here as the applications of this ‘Angel Script’ can be printed on anything about fashion or engrave on jewels : for example rings, bracelets, necklaces and so many more…

As you can imagine, the COMMERCIAL and HUMANITARIAN possibilities of this Heavenly concept are limitless in accordance with our spirit of age.

The handwritten protected message – SALEABLE AS GOOD LUCK CHARM – guarantees SALES BY THE LUMP !

Afther all, isn’t it the heartfelt wish of all people to protect our beloved ones and ourselves ?

This great opportunity is the CHANCE OF A LIFETIME! So don’t let it pass you by and become the rightful owner of this brilliant project to protect every alive being.

The big question is :

Are you the one and only who makes countless people forever happy by wearing of this unique, one of a kind TRADEMARK MADE IN A LANGUAGE WHO NOBODY SPEAKS ?

Please feel free to contact us :